Relationship Support

I love working with individuals who are motivated to closely explore their relationship patterns and behaviors in order to find a place of contentment. 

For parents:

It is so hard to find time to connect and work on your partnership when it feels like your child is taking all of the energy you have to care for another person. Spouses/partners end up feeling neglected and under-appreciated. While I'm not offering extended couples therapy right now, I do offer a 1-2 session consult with practical tips on how to reconnect and feel supported. 

If you're single and not a parent:

Do you feel like you can't find the right person? Do find something wrong with everyone you date? Or do you always fall for someone who isn't emotionally available? I love working with people to figure out a way to change their relationship patterns. If you enjoy self-examination and analysis and are committed to figuring yourself out, we'll be a good fit.